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How it works

  • How Stagelink works

    1. Connect your Facebook fanpage to Stagelink.

  • How Stagelink works

    2. Stagelink collects votes from your fans worldwide.

  • How Stagelink works

    3. Track your live demand in real-time.

  • How Stagelink works

    4. Stagelink notifies your fans who pre-finance your next tour.

  • How Stagelink works

    5. Watch your sales grow and analyse your customer data.

  • How Stagelink works

    6. Check-in your guests at the door with our app.

Artists, managers & agents love it

We are convinced by the idea and team behind Stagelink. Especially for artists with a young and online fanbase this is perfect.
Arrow down Reinhardt

Reinhardt Grahl
Agent & Promoter


Hailie Schwarz
Artist Manager

Arrow up
A great promotion tool. Cheap and easy to use, fans can be reached wherever they are.
Thank you so much for the great collaboration and the cool platform!
Arrow down Noah

Noah Levi
Winner of The Voice Kids Germany

Simple & cheap

15% per ticket

for all-in-one promotion and ticketing

Find your fans and track their demand

Alert your fans and turn them into promoters

Sell tickets and pre-finance your tour

Track sales and analyse customer data

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Connect artist via Facebook

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