Ahoy Reeperbahn Festival!

Lynn Klenzner, September 30, 2016

Reeperbahn Festival is not just an inherent part of the music scene in Hamburg, year by year it evolves to become a prime event for the national and international music industry. This year, from September 21 - 24, about 38,000 participants came to listen to a fulminant mixture of promising and es...

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Fabian Menzel, January 1, 2014

Zu verlosen sind 2x2 Tickets für Sierra Kidd auf "Bad guys go to hell" TourÜber die Gewinner entscheidet die Stagelink JuryDie Gewinner werden per PN benachrichtigt und auf dem Facebook-Profil von Stagelink genanntDas Gewinnspiel endet am 31.10.2016 um 24:00 UhrDie Bekanntgabe der Gewinner erfolg...

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Hello UK

Fabian Menzel, August 17, 2016

Stagelink crosses the channel and debuts with MiC LOWRY tour We leave all Brexit comments aside and concentrate on more pleasant things: MiC LOWRY just finished their fantastic tour through England – and Stagelink did its’ bit. The five boys from Liverpool can hardly be described as newcomers. +1...

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Stagelink enters Sónar Festival

Lynn Klenzner, June 24, 2016

It’s one of the most vibrant and architecturally exciting cities of the world, Catalan capital Barcelona. Every year in June, not only many tourists come to visit the beautiful metropole next to the Mediterranean Sea, but also numerous lovers of electronic dance music are heading off to Sónar Fes...

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How to get your YouTube career started

Lynn Klenzner, June 23, 2016

Do you want to become a YouTube professional? As a musician, comedian, beauty expert or with any other talent, YouTube is a great platform to reach thousands of people to share your talent with.The first and most important thing for you to do is to find a niche and a good topic which is relevant ...

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Cannes calling - Stagelink at Midem 2016

Lynn Klenzner, June 9, 2016

Between palm trees and next to the beautiful blue sea of the Côte d’Azur, the 50th Midem, one of the biggest international music industry events, took place from June 3 - 6 in Cannes, France. The event was packed with talks, panels, concerts, competitions and networking events to forge business c...

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"The Future of Live Entertainment" - Stagelink at the Future Music Camp

Lynn Klenzner, May 9, 2016

On Friday, April 22, the Future Music Camp took place at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, Germany. The annual conference covers topics regarding the future of the music industry. Fascinating talks held by industry experts are as essential to the event as the interaction and exchange...

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How do YouTubers call themselves?

Lynn Klenzner, April 14, 2016

One thing we all know for sure is that Internet has changed the world. It has revolutionized the way individuals live, communicate and collaborate. Literally the Internet has turned our existence upside down. Especially changes in social communication are of particular significance. Social networ...

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YouTube Singer Alyicia Marie on her first Tour

Lynn Klenzner, March 28, 2016

Alycia Marie, a german-based Singer/Songwriter from YouTube, was touring through Germany accompanied by Chris Brenner and Tommy Reilly from March, 14 to April, 13.Before the tour started, fans decided their favorite cities for the tour via city voting.Fans were looking forward to a varied program...

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Beauty YouTubers on "Pyjama Party Tour"!

Lynn Klenzner, February 29, 2016

Dressed up in unicorn onesies and surrounded by excited-screaming fans the "Pyjama Party Tour" with beauty YouTube vloggers Julia Beautx, Nihan0311 and Niloofar Irani took place the last two weekends in february.When the tour was first announced, fans chose their favorite cities for the tour - Co...

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What is a Beauty Vlogger?

Lynn Klenzner, February 18, 2016

Beauty, lifestyle and a whole lot of fun. That is what beauty vlogging mainly is about. Those YouTub channels are mostly run by girls who talk about their favorite make-up and beauty products. Teaching and reviewing, shopping hauls, life hacks and everyday tips are a beauty vlogger core topics.Mi...

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Let it Glow - Germany’s first beauty convention

Lynn Klenzner, February 9, 2016

Last Saturday, on January the 30th, the GlowCon, Germany's first Convention for beauty and lifestyle celebrated it’s premiere in Bochum. The Stagelink team was on the spot and had a beautiful day!At the entrance, guest were greeted with well-stocked goodie bags. They were about to expect the late...

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Google Advertising

Jana Benedik, January 12, 2016

It was Google, among others, that finally created a search engine that ranks pages in a meaningful and simple way. Ever since, the number of searches has grown dramatically, which did not only benefit consumers but also companies. This new technology has enabled companies to recognize, direct and...

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Sign up

Stagelink, November 26, 2015

Account creation or "sign up", is vital to start a city voting campaign. This step by step guide will show you how to proceed with signing up on Stagelink. 1. First of all visit our website stagelink.com and click the button "Connect artist via Facebook".  2. Connect with your personal profile (S...

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Door Management

Stagelink, November 26, 2015

Check in your guests with our free and easy to use app (Stagelink Door Manager in App Store). Follow the steps and get the show started:        1. Open Stagelink Door Manager App on your mobile        2. Sign in (E-mail and Password)        3. Choose the event (Date and City)        4. Check in t...

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Ticket Sales & Promotion

Stagelink, November 26, 2015

1. Create EventsYou can sell tickets directly from your Stagelink profile. To create an event log in, go to your Stagelink profile and follow the next steps: Step1: Click on Create eventStep 2: Fill in the legal informationStep 3: Fill out the event creaton form- Once you start typing in the name...

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Advertising on Facebook

Jana Benedik, November 8, 2015

The rise of social networks has turned the way of communication upside down. Among others, Facebook has revolutionized the way people socialize, share and obtain information, which gives an enormous opportunity for marketers to use the platform in their favor. Not only advertising on Facebook is ...

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Why You Should Understand and Use Online Marketing

Jana Benedik, October 22, 2015

A mere 10 years ago, most of the people wouldn't believe that online marketing was soon going to become the most important piece of any marketing strategy. Back then it may have been a choice to be present on the Internet, but now it’s an absolute must to flourish as a creator. First of all l...

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Techstars Demo Day

Jana Benedik, September 20, 2015

The last week of Techstars was committed to eagerly awaited Demo Day. A day filled with a hurricane of emotions; happiness, sadness, nervousness, excitement and most of all: pride. It felt a little like graduation, like a final exam at University before entering the “real” world and an ocean of o...

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The Techstars Experience

Jana Benedik, September 6, 2015

The last three months have flown by. And yet here we are, just a few days before our last Techstars event: Demo Day. We are thrilled to be one of the ten companies to be supported  by Techstars Berlin and its partners. To be a part of a man-made perfect storm mentorship, access to office space an...

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Stagelink Meets The City of Angels

Jana Benedik, August 24, 2015

If most American cities are mainly about culture consumption, Los Angeles is definitely about culture invention, on a global scale. We all know that the entertainment industry is breaking the records on the world stage and that LA is the entertainment capital of the world. So where else should St...

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YouTubers Are Taking Over at VideoDays

Jana Benedik, August 13, 2015

It is fascinating to see how much influence YouTubers wield with today’s youth. YouTube stars are nowadays not only seen as heroes, but also as role models for millions of young individuals. Last weekend teenagers from all over Germany gathered at VideoDays in Cologne to meet their idols, claim a...

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THANK YOU Lukinators!!

Lukas Rieger, June 1, 2015

Guest blog post written by Lukas Rieger:THANK YOU Lukinators! Guys, I can’t say it any different, the last months were awesome, thanks to YOU! And the tour has not even started yet... ! The Voice Kids was a great experience and I have seen on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, how many people out t...

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Maddi Jane first YouTube artist on Stagelink

Jessica Grzanna, March 20, 2015

YouTube artists are the new generation of celebrities who are taking the Internet World by storm.According to market surveys their level of popularity is equal to their colleagues who made their careers in the “traditional” way and some of them have just as big of a fan-base as movie actors or ba...

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Stagelink at South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas

Jessica Grzanna, March 11, 2015

It is that time of the year again! It’s March, which means the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival is about to happen again. In honor of this mega event we’d like to take a few moments and summarize its’ most important facts for you.This annual music event of superlatives takes place in Marc...

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Cindy aus Marzahn goes Stagelink!

Michael Schütz, February 19, 2015

We are more than thrilled to announce a new milestone in the history of Stagelink.From now on our fans will be able to not only vote for their favorite artists in the music business, but also get comedians to perform in their city.New on Stagelink: Cindy aus MarzahnCindy will be touring with her ...

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Fan campaign step 4 and 5: Ticket Pre-sales and Door management

Michael Schütz, November 17, 2014

Step 4: Ticket pre-salesOnce you set up a concert on Stagelink, everyone who voted for you will automatically be notified. Everyone can buy tickets directly from your Stagelink profile and from your Stagelink tab on Facebook (in case you didn't add the tab after the artist sign up you can still d...

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Venue Booking

Stagelink, November 25, 2015

After your city voting has ended and you picked the cities for your tour it is time to find and book the right venues. If you have a professional booking partner they will most probably take care of it.If you do not have a professional booking partner, please get in touch with: booking@st...

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City Voting

Stagelink, November 25, 2015

A city voting campaign has the purpose to identify the right cities for your shows/tour, finding your most devoted fans and enabling you to reach them directly. Your core fans can be your most valuable helpers and promoters. With their help you can find out how you should plan your tour, which me...

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How It Works

Stagelink, November 25, 2015

1. Sign Up 2. City Voting3. Venue Booking4. Ticket Sales & Promotion5. Door Management

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“We Are Gold Diggers”: the project where Music is Gold.

Michael Schütz, November 4, 2014

Who are they? Three boys decided to become real Gold Diggers by travelling across the globe to find priceless music to be shared with Occidentals. Passionate by music, these Frenchies are convinced that to understand a country, you need to get to know how it sounds like.How it started: This proje...

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Starting up as a musician in the 21st century

Nikolas Schriefer, July 31, 2014

Recently I was asked in an interview about the possibilities upcoming artists have today, if they can make enough money to support themselves, where it should come from etc. Also many of my fellow musicians frequently ask me for advice on how to do business as an artist, what to do when, who to c...

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Newcomer Dead Sirius 3000 from Finland after successful mini-tour in Germany - How did that work out?

Michael Schütz, January 24, 2014

Finish rock trio Dead Sirius 3000 went on tour in Germany - initiated on their own and organized via Stagelink with the help of their fans.First of all the band announced to plan a short tour in Germany on Facebook, Twitter and their newsletter where they asked all of their fans to tell them wher...

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Facebook-Marketing für Bands

Michael Schütz, December 13, 2013

Wie kaum eine andere Plattform ist Facebook heutzutage entscheidend für den Online-Auftritt einer Band. Dementsprechend muss eine Facebook-Seite ausführlich geplant und konsequent betrieben werden. Wie ihr das am besten macht und wie eure Band von Facebook profitieren kann, lest ihr in diesem Blo...

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London Calling - Stagelink beim Music TechPitch 4.5

Michael Schütz, November 15, 2013

Stagelink durfte vor kurzem beim Music Techpitch 4.5 in London teilnehmen. Nikolas und Dennis vom Stagelink-Team traten die Reise in die britische Hauptstadt an, um dort in 3 Minuten die Idee, den Plan und die Vision von Stagelink zu präsentieren. Sieben weitere Startups nahmen an diesem Tag am P...

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Rethink Music Venture Day in Berlin

Michael Schütz, November 1, 2013

Am 24. Oktober veranstalteten die Reed Midem Organisation und das Bostoner Berklee College of Music zum ersten mal den Rethink Music Venture Day in Berlin. Besucher aus verschiedenen Bereichen der Musikindustrie trafen sich, um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und sich auszutauschen. Der Fokus der Verans...

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Festivalrückblick Teil 3: Appletree Garden

Michael Schütz, October 31, 2013

Judith von Is This It fasst das diesjährige Appletree Garden in einem Satz zusammen und liefert mit einer Playlist und ein paar Fotos auch musikalische und visuelle Eindrücke von dem kleinen 4.500-Besucher-Festival in Diepholz:Super Line-Up mit vielen neuen Entdeckungen*, geniale Secret Acts**, W...

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Der Live-Ratgeber für coole Bands – und für alle, die es gern wären

Michael Schütz, October 18, 2013

Bildquelle: http://flic.kr/p/56LPvDDeutschland ist voll von hervorragenden Bands. Doch nicht erst seit gestern ist es allseits bekannt, dass der Sprung vom Status der (hoch)talentierten Band hin zu einer in Lohn und Brot stehenden Musikkapelle mit monatlichem, für eine Familienplanung vertretbar...

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Festivalrückblick 2013 Teil 2: Hurricane

Michael Schütz, October 4, 2013

Es war mitreißend, es war laut, es war schmutzig, die Stimmung war gut und das Wetter wechselhaft. Michael vom Stagelink-Team war dieses Jahr einer von insgesamt 73.000 Fans beim Hurricane Festival, die Auftritte von über 100 Bands feierten. Seine persönlichen Highlights waren folgende:Queens of ...

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Festival Rückblick 2013 Teil 1: Haldern Pop

Michael Schütz, September 30, 2013

Die Blätter fallen von den Bäumen, es wird wieder kälter, die Festivalsaison 2013 ist fast vorbei. Da kann man schonmal einen Blick zurück werfen. Judith war dieses Jahr beim Haldern Pop Festival und hat auf ihrem Blog Is This It ihre Eindrücke festgehalten. Wir freuen uns, dass sie ihr Festivale...

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Berlin Music Week 2013

Michael Schütz, September 19, 2013

Was für eine Woche! Die Berlin Music Week 2013 hatte viel zu bieten und lockte 2500 Fachbesucher, mehr als 20.000 Zuschauer zum Berlin Festival, 5000 Gäste zum Showcasefestival First We Take Berlin und 400 akkreditierte Medienvertreter in die Hauptstadt. Auch wir von Stagelink haben uns ins Getüm...

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Wie funktioniert Stagelink?

Michael Schütz, September 13, 2013

Die IdeeDurch Stagelink kannst Du als Musikfan Deine Lieblingsbands in Deine Stadt holen - ganz einfach per Klick auf den “Will ich sehen”-Button auf der Facebook-Fanpage der Band oder ihrem Stagelink-Profil. Über ihr “Live-Radar” sieht die Band, wo die größte Konzert-Nachfrage besteht und kann d...

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Musik-Streaming. Gut für Fans – schlecht für Musiker?

Michael Schütz, September 6, 2013

CD und MP3 war gestern, die Zukunft heißt Musik-Streaming. Zu dieser Einschätzung kommen neben vielen Streaming-Anbietern auch immer mehr Künstler, Labels und Konsumenten. Kein Wunder, lässt sich mit den Musik-Flatrates doch viel Geld sparen: Statt Alben für 10 bis 20 Euro und damit bis zu 20 Son...

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Wie viel Zuneigung braucht der Fan?

Michael Schütz, August 31, 2013

Corie Kellman ist Musikliebhaberin, arbeitet bei einer PR Agentur und betreut dort Künstler. In einem Artikel auf „musik think tank“ betont sie, wie wichtig Fans für jede Band sind und spricht von besonderen Fan-Momenten. Sie plant nun, jeden Monat die TOP 5 Momente eines Fans zu veröffentlichen ...

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Startups in der Musikszene

Michael Schütz, August 1, 2013

Im letzten Stagelink-Blogartikel „Wer verdient Musik“ waren wir noch gespannt auf neue innovative Lösungen für den Musikmarkt. Grund genug um mal nachzuforschen und für euch eine kleine Auswahl interessanter neuer und bereits etablierter Ideen aus dem Live- und Record-Bereich zusammenzustellen.Re...

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Wer verdient Musik?

Michael Schütz, July 20, 2013

Man hat es schon nicht leicht in der Musikindustrie: Die Umsätze der Branche sind in der Vergangenheit weltweit geschrumpft und werden sich den Prognosen nach auch nur langsam wieder erholen. Auch der Blick auf den deutschen Musikmarkt spiegelt dies wider:Vor allem der Tonträgermarkt war und ist ...

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Was ist ein Kickstarter für Konzerte?

Michael Schütz, June 20, 2013

Stagelink ist Kickstarter für Konzerte. Klingt gut, aber was heißt das genau? Was ist ein Kickstarter? Und was hat das mit Konzerten zu tun?Was ist ein Kickstarter?Bis in die 70er Jahre wurde die Mehrzahl aller Motorräder mit Hilfe eines Kickstarters gestartet. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Hebe...

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