“We Are Gold Diggers”: the project where Music is Gold.

Michael Schütz, November 4, 2014

Who are they? Three boys decided to become real Gold Diggers by travelling across the globe to find priceless music to be shared with Occidentals. Passionate by music, these Frenchies are convinced that to understand a country, you need to get to know how it sounds like.

How it started: This project may sound crazy to you. Alban, Benoit and Etienne managed to make it happen thanks to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, a crowdfunding website. What’s crowdfunding you ask? It’s a way to connect creative people online. Project creators raise many small amounts of money from a large number of contributors to make their ideas become real.

The concept “We are Gold Diggers” will be travelling around the world to share new music to Europe. That’s cool, but there’s even more.

Internet users will be able to finance discovered musicians. It will enable the artists to record an album in a studio close to their hometown. Thanks to that, these Gold Makers will start their musician career but also dynamise their local economy and culture. What if the donation is not enough to finance an album? The entire amount will be given to a charity group chosen by the artist. Travel with “We are Gold Diggers”Our three Diggers will be looking for golden music across the five continents for the next 16 months, starting this month (October 2014). The first continent they’ll reach is South America, starting with Panama for two weeks. Then, they will go to Colombia, Brazil, Haïti and Jamaïca.

Where will they be next? You can follow their adventure on Facebook and Twitter.

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