Fan campaign step 4 and 5: Ticket Pre-sales and Door management

Michael Schütz, November 17, 2014

Step 4: Ticket pre-sales

Once you set up a concert on Stagelink, everyone who voted for you will automatically be notified. Everyone can buy tickets directly from your Stagelink profile and from your Stagelink tab on Facebook (in case you didn't add the tab after the artist sign up you can still do it ). Tickets will be sent to your fans via email. You can also embed the ticket form on your website or other places (please contact

Ticket categories:

Do not just offer a ticket but something special to your fans. Create special ticket categories such as:

  • Ticket + signed CD
  • Ticket + limited t-shirt
  • Ticket + sound check entry or “Meet and greet”
  • Ticket + … be creative!

Fan promoters:

To boost the “fan-promoter effect”, select “Crowdfunding” when creating your events on Stagelink. Set a minimum number of tickets that have to be sold until a deadline you set to make the show happen. As you and your fans have a common mission, your core fans will help you to spread the word and fund your tour early on! Offer something exclusive during the crowdfunding period (see ticket categories). Be realistic when setting the goal and rely on the numbers you get from your fan voting. Feel free to contact us for feedback and a reality check. ;)

As soon as your tickets and ticket bundles go on sale, spread the word and advertise your shows (see step 2).

Step 5: At the door

Check in your guests with our free and easy to use app (Stagelink Door Manager in App Store). You can also export a printable list.

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