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Jana Benedik, November 8, 2015

The rise of social networks has turned the way of communication upside down. Among others, Facebook has revolutionized the way people socialize, share and obtain information, which gives an enormous opportunity for marketers to use the platform in their favor. Not only advertising on Facebook is easy to use, convenient and comparably cheap - it provides really well-mastered targeting options. However this doesn’t mean your product will just sell once you advertise on Facebook. Advertising has to be thought through and created with a touch of common sense.

First of all you have to understand there is no single rule on how to create a perfect and likeable ad. Nevertheless there are some best practices which can help you convince people to take meaningful action. Getting people’s attention in today’s world can be an extremely difficult task. So how can you stand out?

Advertising is all about psychology. Why we click on an ad and furthermore take an action is anchored in our brains. Even though we ought to make rational decisions, emotional arguments win most of the time. Therefore one key part of being a successful advertiser is understanding how people think and why they act the way they do. Just think of the Coca-Cola Christmas advertisement that everyone knows. What is it about the advertisement that gives it such a tremendous long lasting power? The answer is love, blended into a perfect stream of what we call “emotional branding”.

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To be a successful advertiser on Facebook you have to create goal-oriented and emotion-focused ads targeted at the “right” audience. Let me be clear, it always depends on the objective you optimize for: impressions, clicks, conversions, likes, engagement or other. For example focusing on conversions (e.g. sales) does not mean you have to target as many people as possible, it is important to target the people who are more likely to convert. If you want to achieve a higher brand recognition, it makes sense to target a broader audience.

90% of information transmitted to our brains are visual. This clearly suggests that your ads/posts should be visual as well. Include pictures and make them appealing to your audience. And just a small hint: try to avoid blue and white since they are the colours of Facebook. Remember your job is to make people click or engage with your ad/post. Make your message clear and offer a clear call-to-action so people know what you offer and what they should do. Try to make it interesting and valuable at the same time. Keep it short! The length of an ideal Facebook post is less than 40 characters. Moreover one to two hashtags (#) lead to higher engagement than posts with more than two hashtags.

Engage with your fans; communication should not stop with the display of your ad. Create an ongoing dialogue. You can include questions in your post to attract people’s attention. Also, it is not just important what you post but when.  

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All told you have great opportunities to market yourself and your product on Facebook - so go for it and make it efficient. Visit and get step by step guide for advertising. But remember not everything is about paid advertising. Everyday posts are marketing as well. Make people talk about you and create a certain “buzz”. Word of mouth marketing is super powerful. Don’t forget that we all have emotions and that emotions drive the biggest part of our decisions.

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