Find out everything about Carolin Kebekus' film premiere! Is she going to stop live performance?

Marian Jarzak , February 17, 2017

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Carolin Kebekus is probably one of the most funniest woman in Germany – and from 16th of February even conquering the world of cinema. With her “AlphaPussy” tour she was almost on every live stage possible in the German speaking world and is now ready for the cinema. Her film premiere in “Schatz, nimm Du sie” was an amazing experience for the 36-year old comedian: “It was totally exciting. I had great respect for shooting my first movie”, remembers Carolin. But kick-starting this movie wasn’t a big issue for Carolin thanks to her filmpartners Maxim Mehmet, Axel Stein and Jasmin Schwiers.  Plus, the film was shot in Carolin’s hometown Cologne. “Sleeping for six weeks in my own bed during the filming was an absolute luxury for me”, says Kebekus.

Carolin slaps child in the face

In her first film debut, Kebekus plays the role of a mother called Toni, who is in a crazy custody dispute with her current husband Marc (Maxim Mehmet). The reason: Both, Toni and Marc, get fantastic dream-jobs offered abroad. The problem: Who is taking care of their children Emma (Arina Prokofyeva) and Tobias (Arsseni Bultmann)? The solution: Let the children decide if they want to grow up at mummys or daddys place. However, Toni and Marc do their best to make their children believe that they have better future chances with their respective other parent. In one scene, Carolin even slaps her film son in the face. Not an easy situation for the comedian. “Toni is a really tough woman”, explains Carolin. In case of a divorce, Carolin would be different than Toni and of course decide for both, a career and having children.

Living without the live stage? Unbelievable!

Do Carolin fans now need to worry about her career as a live performer? No! “I could never live without performing life in front of an audience”, says Carolin. That’s why the comedian is currently touring around with her second solo-programme “AlphaPussy”. Do you want to see Carolin Kebekus in one of her unforgettable live performances? Don’t worry, get your tickets on

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