Newcomer Dead Sirius 3000 from Finland after successful mini-tour in Germany - How did that work out?

Michael Schütz, January 24, 2014

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Finish rock trio Dead Sirius 3000 went on tour in Germany - initiated on their own and organized via Stagelink with the help of their fans.

First of all the band announced to plan a short tour in Germany on Facebook, Twitter and their newsletter where they asked all of their fans to tell them where to come on their Stagelink profile. After a few weeks the artist’s live radar showed the three cities with the greatest fan demand: Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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Afterwards band and management decided to move on to the second phase and they started kickstarts - crowd-fundings - for two of these three cities (Frankfurt and Berlin) on Stagelink. At least 80 tickets, EUR 14.00 each, for each of those shows on January 18 and 19 had to be sold for Dead Sirius 3000 to perform in these cities (and cover all expenditures). For the third gig in Cologne on January 17 the band participated in an online-voting for Cologne Music Week that was hosted by Stagelink and promoter c/o pop.

Winning second place in this voting that ended in December Dead Sirius 3000 secured a slot at the Cologne Music Week concert. Almost at the same time the thresholds of both crowd-fundings had been reached; one of them in the last minute with the help of the fans and supporters of the band who mobilized their families, friends, affaires, radio stations, local newspapers etc. and became the artist’s most important promoters. In addition to that well targeted online promotion via Facebook and Google helped to reach the band’s goals.

Now everything was set apart from one thing: the venues. The Stadtgarten in Cologne had been brought in by the Cologne Music Week, but the kickstarts for Frankfurt and Berlin had been initiated without the involvement of any venues. Shortly before the funding for a concert in Berlin ended the German booker of Dead Sirius 3000 reserved the Privatclub - without any problems or difficult negotiations as almost 80 tickets had been sold already. For Frankfurt the booker did not know any suitable locations that would be available on such a short notice (about four weeks before the show). So no one knew where exactly the concert was going to take place when the funding ended. As the band and their fans wanted the concert to happen team Stagelink helped them to find a venue and - after a few hours of calling up different venues in the city - talked to a very happy owner of Orange Peel who was thrilled to fill his space with this concert and the audience that was already “booked” as well.

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Artist, fans and promoter/venue had been successfully connected. Via Stagelink Dead Sirius 3000 also found suitable, local support acts in Frankfurt (MALCOM) and Berlin (Artwhy) who also promoted the concerts and convinced their own fans to buy tickets.

All in all the small tour had been booked within a few weeks and all costs incl. flights, hotels etc. had been covered before Dead Sirius 3000 flew from Helsinki to Cologne on January 16 and experienced three very special concerts in Germany - with an atmosphere full of the positive feeling of the shared success story.

Artist’s, manager’s, booker’s, promoters’ and fans’ conclusion: With Stagelink their fans’ wish made it possible for Dead Sirius 3000 to play a mini-tour in Germany as a foreign newcomer - without financial risk or huge effort but great success.

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