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Fabian Menzel, August 17, 2016

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Stagelink crosses the channel and debuts with MiC LOWRY tour 

We leave all Brexit comments aside and concentrate on more pleasant things: MiC LOWRY just finished their fantastic tour through England – and Stagelink did its’ bit. 

The five boys from Liverpool can hardly be described as newcomers. +100k subscriptions on YouTube and +200k fans on Facebook show clear signs of serious fanlove. Still, when planning the tour there had to be one question answered: In which city are the most people who would come to a MiC LORY concert? This is how Stagelink came into play. 

The Fans decided over the tour stops

We asked the band to prepare a shout out video, leading their fans to stagelink.com/mic-lowry, to leave their vote for their city. Within a couple of days, we collected more than 5,300 votes and the tour stops became very clear: London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester. 

The forecasted ticket price was 20 GBP. All in all, the tour sold out with a 90% prediction accuracy. 

No more shotgun marketing

The successful voting made promotion through our Stagelink performance marketing highly efficient. We generated over 100,000 paid impressions through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search and Email, which resulted into 1,700 conversions, costing 0.50 GBP per vote and just 1.50 GBP per Ticket. 

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Most of the tickets were sold within 48 hours

After just two days 3/4 of our quota was sold out and Alistair Goldsmith, the manager of MiC LOWRY, very satisfied: „Stagelink was an indispensable tool for us to plan our next tour with MiC LOWRY. We assessed the demand before routing the tour and the figures collected were remarkably accurate. It's an innovative artist friendly tool that I would recommend to any touring band.“

Thank you Alistair, we had a good time too. :)

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