Maddi Jane first YouTube artist on Stagelink

Jessica Grzanna, March 20, 2015

YouTube artists are the new generation of celebrities who are taking the Internet World by storm.

According to market surveys their level of popularity is equal to their colleagues who made their careers in the “traditional” way and some of them have just as big of a fan-base as movie actors or bands that are touring throughout the country.

One of them is Maddi Jane. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you most likely will very soon. The singer became famous in the United States through her YouTube channel that now counts more than 1.2 million subscribers. Some of her songs and videos have been played up to 83 million times - still counting.

With Maddi Jane Stagelink launches a new concept of live-performances for YouTubers that is going to change the World of the video blogging community. Why should you only be waiting for the next video to be released? Why watching and listening to the same video blog over and over again? We give you the chance to experience your favorite online stars live in your town!

Be a part of this new movement and support Maddi on her upcoming tour! Vote for her to come to your town now:

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