Fabian , November 24, 2016


MiC LOWRY are five singers from Liverpool. For their first tour in the UK, Stagelink managed to precisely forecast the cities with the highest demand and delivered particularly efficient promotion and seamless ticketing. Due to the great demand, Stagelink also organized the first MiC LOWRY concert outside the UK – in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Altogether 5,000 people voted to experience MiC LOWRY in their city and the tour sold out within just a few hours. Soon after, MiC LOWRY joined Justin Bieber as support act on his “Purpose” tour.

„Stagelink was an indispensable tool for us to plan our next tour with MiC LOWRY. We assessed the demand before routing the tour and the figures collected were remarkably accurate. It's an innovative artist friendly tool that I would recommend to any touring band.“
Alistair Goldsmith, Manager MiC LOWRY"

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