Beauty YouTubers on "Pyjama Party Tour"!

Lynn Klenzner, February 29, 2016

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Dressed up in unicorn onesies and surrounded by excited-screaming fans the "Pyjama Party Tour" with beauty YouTube vloggers Julia Beautx, Nihan0311 and Niloofar Irani took place the last two weekends in february.

When the tour was first announced, fans chose their favorite cities for the tour - Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin - where the three beauty YouTubers came by. The program consisted of different challenges, where the fans were actively involved.

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During the so called make up challenge one fan was made up by one of the YouTube beauties.  It was made difficult because Julia, Nihan and Niloofar imitated their candidates hands without actually seeing their face.

For the pantomime challenge the three Youtubers mimed song titles which were then guessed by the fans. Afterwards three fans joined the stage again for the karaoke battle where one fan and one YouTuber created a team. Every team had one song to perform but the audience felt free to join the singing. It was super fun!

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"Who took their moms bra, filled them up with big oranges and then danced in front of their whole family when they were ten years old?" - Well, "who was it?" This was the next challenge. There were sentences about YouTubers on the screen and the audience had to make a guess, for which of the three it was true.

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After the show everyone could meet the girls in a meet & greet, to get an autograph and take some selfies. Also everyone got a nice goodie bag to take home!


Alycia Marie, Tommy Reilly und Chris Brenner are going on tour through germany in march!

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