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Stagelink, November 26, 2015

Account creation or "sign up", is vital to start a city voting campaign. This step by step guide will show you how to proceed with signing up on Stagelink. 

1. First of all visit our website and click the button "Connect artist via Facebook".

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2. Connect with your personal profile (Stagelink will receive some of your basic profile information). Why your personal profile? Because you manage your Facebook pages with your personal profile as an admin or editor - this way we can make sure only actual managers can sign up their Facebook pages on Stagelink.

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3. Click on "Show my artists", this will show you the Facebook pages you manage as an admin or editor. 

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4. To be able to manage your Facebook pages on Stagelink you have to authorize Stagelink to manage your pages. This way we can scan your personal profile for the Facebook pages you manage.

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5. Now you can connect your pages to Stagelink by simply clicking on it.

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6. Hooray! You did it. Your page is now connected and you will be forwarded to your Stagelink profile. Here you can edit your profile (insert a video link, change the profile picture and embed links to your social media networks) and create events. But before creating events you should run a city voting campaign.

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You are all set! Once you have created your Stagelink profile the city voting campaign can start.

If you have any questions and doubts about “sign up” process, please contact our team:  

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