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Lynn Klenzner, June 24, 2016

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It’s one of the most vibrant and architecturally exciting cities of the world, Catalan capital Barcelona. Every year in June, not only many tourists come to visit the beautiful metropole next to the Mediterranean Sea, but also numerous lovers of electronic dance music are heading off to Sónar Festival. Stagelink was lucky to be one of 30 selected startups from the US, Europe, Japan and Israel to join the Startup Garden by RICOH at Sónar+D - an exclusive startup and tech conference during Sónar Festival.

Created in 1994, Sónar is a music festival for innovative electronic music, multimedia and sound art. The festival offers an international line-up of well-known and emerging headlining performers. Meanwhile more than 100,000 visitors are excited about the experimental and diverse program of Sónar.

Geographical and thematically split into day and night activities, the festival takes place at two locations across Barcelona.

Sónar de Día was held on three consecutive days at the exhibition center at Montjuïc, hosting electronic live acts and DJ sets with a focus on discovering new and emerging talent.

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Inaki & Nik

In addition to live performances the day event hosts a conference called Sonar+D which offers various lectures, workshops and an exhibition platform for innovative tools and concepts at the MarketLab and Startup Garden by RICOH. Sónar+D is organically integrated into Sónar, adding a dynamic revitalisation of digital culture and creative technologies beyond the natural territory of music and new media to the festival. According to it’s motto “Creativity, Technology & Business”, Sónar+D aims to link together people from all over the music business, like artists, startups and investors.

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In two nights Sónar de Noche, located on the fairground Gran Via de l'Hospitalet, staged concerts and massive DJ sets by internationally acclaimed artists, such as Jean-Michel Jarre, James Blake and Richie Hawtin.

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Kalam Ali, Vincent Favrat, Cherie Hu

To sum it up, at Sónar we met industry experts, artist managers, DJs & investors, and listened to a bunch of magnificent keynotes & live performances. It was a lot of fun meeting our friends from MarathonArtists LABs Kalam Ali and the guys from FunToad & Festyvent. Being a quiet young conference, we are looking forward to seeing Sónar+D develop and expand over the next years!

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Pic by MarathonArtists LABs


¡Hasta la próxima y muchas gracias Sónar Festival!

Also many thanks to Inaki for being such a nice company and assistant during the festival! :)

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