Techstars Demo Day

Jana Benedik, September 20, 2015

The last week of Techstars was committed to eagerly awaited Demo Day. A day filled with a hurricane of emotions; happiness, sadness, nervousness, excitement and most of all: pride. It felt a little like graduation, like a final exam at University before entering the “real” world and an ocean of opportunities with all its risks and chances. All ten startups of the inaugural 2015 Berlin class gathered in the very nice, historical theater and performance center “Hebbel am Ufer” in Kreuzberg.

HAU Theatre

The thrill already started in the early morning when all CEOs and their “Clickers” started to prepare and practice with acting coach Stewart from London, who made sure all presentations were stunning. Everything was set and at 1pm the doors opened. Investors, entrepreneurs, press, special guests, families and the rest of the startups’ team members entered the glorious theater. The excitement increased minute by minute and the show finally started with a speech by Techstars managing director Jens Lapinski followed by the companies’ pitches.

So the time had come. Stagelink presented as the second company and Nikolas, our CEO, did an awesome job. Walking on stage with such self confidence already signaled that his pitch was going to be powerful.

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Watching Nikolas pitch from the audience filled the whole Stagelink team with pride and happiness to be a part of something amazing. However, he was not the only one who performed flawlessly - each and every CEO did an astonishing job. All presentations were entertaining and very interesting, even for people with no direct connection to the startup world.

After the presentations everyone moved to the “Factory Berlin” for the official afterparty. All startups had little booths and were able to personally present themselves to investors. The day turned into night very quickly and everyone deserved a celebration. The rest of the night was a legendary party no one will ever forget.

Thanks again to everyone for this incredible experience!

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