The Techstars Experience

Jana Benedik, September 6, 2015


The last three months have flown by. And yet here we are, just a few days before our last Techstars event: Demo Day. We are thrilled to be one of the ten companies to be supported  by Techstars Berlin and its partners. To be a part of a man-made perfect storm mentorship, access to office space and a community of experts, packed into a short time frame, is priceless.

Walking into our shared office space at the very first day of the program immediately transported us back to college. It almost felt like Summer school. Meeting new people from all around the world, hands-on mentors who will kick your ass when you don’t perform good, brings back a special student atmosphere. It definitely makes you realize that you are never too old to learn and never really smart enough.


Stagelink shared an office space with four different start-ups from Peru, Israel and Austria; however just one door away there were another five more companies from Ukraine, UK and USA. Getting to know them, their stories and business ideas can blow your mind into a different dimension. Not only do you learn from them, share ideas and become friends, but most importantly they open your eyes and your mind for accepting different perspectives. Even though the program is focused on improving the business, attracting investors and enabling team members to grow professionally; individuals grow personally without a doubt. Where else do you have the chance to work hand in hand with so many people with diverse backgrounds of education, nationality and expertise. 

Week after week the teams were focusing on their work, doing their best to make the business grow and to polish the product to perfection. Days were filled with hard work, motivational speeches, business meetings, phone conversations, workshops, fights, good laughs, funny conversations and last but not least table tennis tournaments. Mentors at Techstars made sure that the program never got boring and that each and every individual felt special and a part of something bigger.  

Social events like "Thirsty Thursdays", days when everyone went to a local bar together in the evening, created a real sense of community in our group. There were rooftop parties in fancy locations, accompanied by beer and ribs at the food market, wine and sandwiches in the Factory Berlin, shuffleboard tournament or simply pizza and table tennis tournament in the office. Also, every Thursday at 3 pm, Brian, our program manager, literally dragged everyone to join the so called “Show and Tell” event, where every CEO had to share his company’s highs and lows of the week. Including the managing director of Techstars Berlin, Jens Lapinski, who deserves a special praise for being a guide to all companies by giving them hard times, compliments and guidance to steer them in the right direction. Founders from companies such as Zalando, Buffer, DigitalOcean and Foursquare shared their stories. Various workshops on marketing, sales and other topics helped the startups to improve their performance. All the events made the Techstars experience and the people unforgettable.

Show & Tell

Thirtsy Thursday

Being part of Techstars has been an amazing experience and it doesn’t end at demo day. We know that we’ll always have this global community to give us a hand whenever we need it.

“Success is not what you have, but who you are.” - Bo Bennet

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