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Stagelink, November 26, 2015

1. Create Events

You can sell tickets directly from your Stagelink profile. To create an event log in, go to your Stagelink profile and follow the next steps:

Step1: Click on Create event

Step 2: Fill in the legal information

Step 3: Fill out the event creaton form

- Once you start typing in the name of the venue our system will automatically recognize the name and suggest you the correct venue including the complete address. If not, you can still fill everything in manually.

- It has proven to be successful to offer something in addition to the ticket. Do not just offer a regular ticket but something special to your fans. Create special ticket categories such as:

  • Ticket + signed CD
  • Ticket + limited t-shirt
  • VIP Ticket (including access to sound check and/or "Meet and greet" before or after the show)
  • Ticket + ...? be creative!

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Tickets will be sent to your fans via email. You can also embed the ticket form on your website or other places (For this please contact ticketing@stagelink.com). 

2. Promote and sell

In order to sell tickets you have to promote your events actively. The following are some important tips for your promotion.

Engage with your fans on all social media channels and let them know about your Tour. Create an image with all tour dates and use it as your cover picture on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Write a blog post about your tour, share your feelings and inspiration - make them part of your journey to get them excited.

Free online promotion

  • Your website

You have your own website? Make your tour visible as much as possible as soon as you go on sale. Embed call to action buttons on your website linking to your Stagelink profile or directly to the events.

  • Social Media

The rise of social media has made online promotion much easier. Keep your fans posted about your tour on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and others. Encourage your friends, key fans, etc. to share, retweet and spread the word in any kind. Create word-of-mouth advertising online as well as offline. In addition, make use of possibilities to link out from your social media profiles (e.g. call to action on Facebook, info cards and description text on YouTube).

  • Mail-out

Once you set up an event on Stagelink, everyone who voted for you (and therefore registered) will automatically be notified via email. However if you have a mailing list yourself, send out a personal email.

Paid online promotion

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, … they all provide easy to use, convenient and comparably cheap paid online advertising systems. All of them have well-mastered targeting options that allow you to reach your fans accurate and also attract people who are likely to be interested or may even become your new fans. If you need support with paid advertising get in touch with promotion@stagelink.com.  

Also read Step 2: Fan-Voting for online promotion.

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