Stagelink Meets The City of Angels

Jana Benedik, August 24, 2015

If most American cities are mainly about culture consumption, Los Angeles is definitely about culture invention, on a global scale. We all know that the entertainment industry is breaking the records on the world stage and that LA is the entertainment capital of the world. So where else should Stagelink go than to the famous City of Angels?

Driving down the road from the airport to the Hotel makes you realize that Los Angeles is a city where status is everything. Like many other urban cities in America, Los Angeles is a tale of two cities. Along Rodeo Drive, Rolls Royces, Ferraris and Mustangs park while their owners stroll through the stores. At the same time in South Central - just a 25-minute drive away - the picture is completely different.  

Rodeo Drive

Everything is about fame, wealth and everything is about entertainment industry. Perfect weather, endless celebrity sightings, Lamborghini accidents, and the famous Hollywood sign reminds all aspiring entertainers of what they can potentially achieve in this city.  LA has always been the place to be for anyone looking to make a career in mainstream entertainment. However in the last few years there has also been a wave of new media creators moving to LA hoping to make it big. Not only that most of the top YouTube creators are based in this city, but also most of networking events targeted towards the new media industry are held there.

Attending the VidCon allowed us to understand how huge the YouTube market actually is and how much influence YouTubers have. It is without doubt extremely important for a start-up like Stagelink to live, experience and be a part of the biggest convention for online creators. This year over 20,000 people attended the event that mashes together consumers, creators, social superstars and global brands. Everything from panels, networking, signings and  talks is an experience in itself. But by far the most amazing part of VidCon is its electric atmosphere filled with creativity and eagerness to learn. Learn from the very special individuals people love to watch and who inspire them. Seeing endless numbers of young creators who had chosen to bring their parents to a conference rather than drag them to the theme park is mind blowing. It excites us massively for the future of online content and the entertainment industry in general.


Days were mainly filled with business meetings, presentations and workshops; nevertheless there was also time to discover the beauty of the city. Just driving around the city rubs off the surrounding vibes on you. Not also to mention that travelling around the world creates new ideas, shows different perspectives, and evokes a refreshing sense of self.

Ending the one week trip at one of the most known coastal resorts of Santa Monica is just priceless. The town is home to a mix of Hollywood execs, celebrities, surfers, skaters and young eco-conscious professionals. Wide sands, blue lifeguard huts, volleyball courts, palms and the Santa Monica Pier create the perfect California vibe.

And do not forget that every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. 
And every ending brings a new beginning.

Santa Monica

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