Why You Should Understand and Use Online Marketing

Jana Benedik, October 22, 2015

A mere 10 years ago, most of the people wouldn't believe that online marketing was soon going to become the most important piece of any marketing strategy. Back then it may have been a choice to be present on the Internet, but now it’s an absolute must to flourish as a creator. First of all let’s talk about who creators actually are. With the rise of new online platforms like YouTube there has been a major shift in entertainment. You don’t have to be a mainstream celebrity anymore to reach an audience and earn money. In fact, “YouTube Stars” are already getting more and more popular in the eyes of fans - especially younger fans, who recognize online stars over traditional celebrities. So online creators can be all: musicians, comedians, beauty & fashion vloggers, gamers, or simply normal people who like to engage with their fans.

Technology nowadays has completely changed the way we advertise. Today billions in advertising euros flee old media and are pouring into digital media. And what is the most important reason why you as a creator should consistently use online marketing? Fans. Fans are online, so you should be too.

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Let’s take musicians for instance - have you ever wondered why some super talented musicians don’t get the brand awareness they ‘deserve’. And other not as talented musicians get a lot more attention? Very often the answer is simple: They just know how to market themselves better. Being talented and letting people know about that are two different things. You need to convince people your music is worth listening to.

Because of that many musicians don’t even know how get recognized. Why do many musicians struggle to make sales, get gigs, and generally move forward with their careers?

Let me tell you why online marketing is so important and beneficial to you. First of all, marketing online is comparably affordable. It’s up to you how much you want to spend for a specific ad and how many people you want to reach. Secondly, online marketing includes the ability to reach potential fans all over the world and to customize the marketing for different types of groups. Moreover it is easy to use and less time consuming than traditional marketing strategies.

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Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of any marketing strategy nowadays, no matter how big or small you are. With the rise of mobile and social technologies, your fans are now more powerful than ever. Being always connected on the internet gives them the ability to find information in seconds, which puts them in control of their own experience. Therefore engaging and connecting with your fans should be your number one priority. One way marketing is a yesterday’s message. Fan engagement is no longer a series of one way experience; it is an ongoing dialogue. Content creators should therefore be good listeners, they should foster trust and form relationships through open, honest interactions. Interactions that create positive experiences and outcomes, including answering questions, solving problems, hearing ideas and supporting them. Social media is all about being “social” and not all about you.

A lot of musicians nowadays feel like if they make their music good enough, they will get noticed. Unfortunately this is mostly not true. Involve your fans in your music career and create more loyal fans who will stick around. Make them a part of your journey, and grow your fan base.

And which online marketing platforms are the most valuable? Wait for our next blog post ;)

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