YouTubers Are Taking Over at VideoDays

Jana Benedik, August 13, 2015

It is fascinating to see how much influence YouTubers wield with today’s youth. YouTube stars are nowadays not only seen as heroes, but also as role models for millions of young individuals. Last weekend teenagers from all over Germany gathered at VideoDays in Cologne to meet their idols, claim autographs and take some pictures.

The first day was a Community Day. The craziness already started outside the Arena. Fans lining up for hours in front of the building in order to be the first ones to get their stars’ autographs. And parents sitting on the side, making sure their children were safe. Finally the doors opened and the crowd went nuts. Thousands of teenagers running, screaming and rivalling for a total of 20 seconds of the celebrities’ attention. Each artist or group had more or less one hour to meet and greet their fans.

Fans lining up

For most of the people born before 1990 this may seem unbelievable, but that’s the present and that will be the future. Mainstream celebrities are taking a backseat in popularity to the likes of YouTube Stars. And why is that? It is way easier for people to connect with just “normal” people on YouTube than to connect with famous, non-reachable people in movies and on the red carpet. Which not only leads to success of the artists but may very soon also lead to success of marketers. Affinity leads to connection, and connection leads to conversion.

The Meet & Greet event ended in the evening and the organizers started to prepare the venue for Saturday’s big Show. In the meantime the voting for a “Newcomer” on stage had started. We are happy to announce that the winner was Lukas Rieger, a singer who has just finished his tour with Stagelink. He was able to perform in front of 15,000 people the next day, along with German YouTube Stars like Y-TITTY, DieLochis, Bullshit TV, Kayef and others.

The Show Day finally came and it was time for YouTubers to present themselves on stage. The arena was fully packed and teenagers could hardly wait to see their Idols live. The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with excitement. One after another artists tried to impress the audience with singing, dancing or simply just being on the stage making some jokes. However the VideoDays were not only about performing. The best YouTubers were also honoured with diverse types of awards. The event was nicely wrapped up by VideoDays CEO Christoph Krachten:

“YouTube is a big community and we are all part of it.”

Show Day

But not everything was about impressing the fans. Artists had a perfect opportunity to meet the biggest Multi-Channel Networks in Germany and get their attention. Moreover meeting with their peers and creating a network was probably one of the most valuable outcomes for them. The VideoDays are allowing YouTubers to stop hiding behind the cameras, but to show themselves in front of the fans live. It allows them to experience the real dream of becoming known and famous.

And where is Stagelink in all of that? We help artists experience the real dream of performing live more than just once. Analyzing fan-driven, real-time demand allows artists to effectively plan their tour and reduce the risk. Attending the VideoDays gave us a great opportunity to get even better insight into Youtubers’ lives and get to know their professional needs. This definitely helps us to improve our service and find lots of mutual success story with the artists.

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