How do I request an artist to perform in my town?

You want an artist to come to your town? Tell the artist where you want to see them and how much you would be willing to pay for a ticket on their Stagelink profile. In their live radar the artist then sees where the biggest demand is and can plan their next tour accordingly. And if enough fans have voted for your city they might just perform there!

What does Stagelink cost?

Fans can use Stagelink completely free of charge. And artists get a free profile. Only once Stagelink sells tickets for an artist, we keep a commission.

How do I register an artist on Stagelink?

You want to register your artist on Stagelink to enable your fans to get you to play in their town and to crowd fund your tour completely risk-free? Just follow these easy steps. If you have any personalise, shoot us an email:

Connect your artists to Stagelink