Stagelink raised a six-digit seed round, sold tickets worth $100,000 last month, opens up for all types of artists with a new website design and goes to New York

October 1, 2014

With the launch of a new design for the platform in September 2014 the Berlin based company claims to be “Your fan-powered online promoter” for all kinds of artists who want to engage their fans and enable them to promote and finance upcoming tours.

Artist managers and agents also use Stagelink, like the Berlin based “Meistersinger Konzerte & Promotion” that - with their German teen-star Daniele Negroni and his fall tour that was fully funded by his fans on Stagelink - accounted for a large percentage of the company’s recent sales that exceeded $100,000 last month.

Previously Stagelink already raised a second round of financing adding new funds, expertise and network to the young founder team. The investors in Stagelink include the founder and CEO of 24-7 Entertainment, the founder of Warner Music’s Zebralution, two of the biggest German comedians’ managers and two Internet entrepreneurs. Additionally Stagelink also successfully completed the three-month program of the Society 3 Startup Accelerator.

The three Stagelink founders also won a slot for the German Accelerator, a program of the German federal ministry of economics and energy. The German Accelerator supports German startups to enter the U.S. market providing them with offices and mentoring at their locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York City. From October through December the Stagelink team will reside in New York to establish relationships with U.S. artists, managers and agents as well as potential investors.

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