Live Music 2.0 - Democratized Concert Booking

December 3, 2013

New online platform crowd-sources concerts and festivals and teams up with promoter ct creative talent for the Greenville Music Festival 2014

The Berlin start-up Stagelink develops an innovative way to book concerts focussing on the music fans and combines the advantages of generation Facebook with the idea of democratic voting for live events.

The Stagelink platform launched in August 2013 at Artists from all over the world signed up for the test phase. Their fans started demanding them and have already bought the first crowd-funding tickets.

The business idea is as easy as smart: music lovers demand their favourite artists to their town - with a simple click on their Stagelink or Facebook profile. Artists can track their demand with their individual live radar, start crowd-fundings and sell tickets directly via Stagelink. The number of tickets sold helps finding a suitable venue. The value proposition for both artists and fans is clear: Artists reduce their financial risk in tour planning and perform in sold-out venues. Fans support their favourite artists and directly connect with them - enabling live performances in their region.

For Nikolas Schriefer - professional musician, graduate in business administration and founder of Stagelink - the advantages of this type of concert booking are obvious: “The traditional and common practice in tour booking is rarely efficient and can be significantly improved with the help of additional information generated by the crowd and retrieved from the web. Stagelink is building a platform that integrates fans - concert goers - into the booking process and helps them raise their voice.”

The producers of the Greenville Music Festival also see the potential in this new, crowd-sourced, booking process. Until April 30th, 2014, music fans can vote for the bands they want to see live at Greenville Festival 2014 at Any artist can participate - the band that receives the most votes will perform at the festival. An interesting story for the host of the Greenville Music Festival, promoter ct creative talent and CEO Carlos Fleischmann: “We think this new possibility to book concerts is especially appealing to bands, music fans and the Greenville audience.”

The Greenville Music Festival takes place from July 25th through 27th, 2014, for the third time in Paaren im Glien near Berlin, Germany. This year already more than 20,000 people attended the festival. The line-up contained national and international artists like Bloodhound Gang, Wu-Tang Clan, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Thees Uhlmann. In 2014 the audience will add a newcomer via Stagelink.

As Stagelink focuses on concerts in Germany for now, this service is exceedingly interesting for international artists that already have an established fan base in their home country and plan to set up a tour in Germany. Stagelink is able to determine their demand distribution and help them raise money from their German fans to finance concerts in this area.

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